Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First look, planning

The console panel has been identified as belonging to an IBM 360 model 65 mainframe.
The console panel is divided into sections; each section has it's own steel panel (2.5mm or 0.1" thick) with controls mounted on it. The main panel, which has the register lights and address and data toggle switches on it, is wired using yelow-and-orange ribbon cable. The other panels are wired using a wiring harness with a lot of identical (white-orange striped) wires.
Unfortunately, the cables were simply chopped off when the console panel was separated from the cpu. This makes it hard to determine which wire is which. At the console end of the cables, every wire is individually numbered as shown below.
So, the plan is as follows:
- disassemble the panel
- clean up the individual bits and pieces
- rewire the bits that need re-wiring (all the bits that don't use the ribbon cables)
- reassemble the panel
- add some electronics to control the lights and switches from a pc
- create a software interface between the panel and a Hercules emulator running on the pc

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